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Ultra Flux®

Ultra Flux® 
Premium grade, general application silver brazing flux intended for use on all metals except aluminum, magnesium and titanium. ULTRA FLUX® is fully molten at 1100° F and effective to 1600° F. Like all Lucas-Milhaupt Fluxes, ULTRA FLUX® is manufactured to the highest quality standards to assure consistently outstanding performance.
SKU Product Description
75014 Ultra Flux® 7 oz. Brush Cap
75012 Ultra Flux® 1/4 lb. Ja
75013 Ultra Flux® 1/2 lb. Jar
75015 Ultra Flux® 1 lb. Jar
75016 Ultra Flux® 5 lb. Jar

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This product is available in a variety sizes and packaging options. For additional options please contact us at 1-800-521-5490 or via email at


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