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Silvaloy® (Braze)

These general-purpose, high silver alloys allow the joining of similar and dissimilar metals including copper, brass, steel, stainless, carbide, etc. We offer a variety of products that enable you to select the optimal filler material for your metal-joining requirement. Many of these materials are available as bare wire as well as flux coated rods.

Easy-Flo® 45
Versatile alloy, used for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Contains Cadmium - therefore exercise extreme caution as Cadmium fumes are toxic.
Silvaloy® 401 (Braze 401)
A more economical filler metal with a fairly narrow melt range, this alloy has application for both steel and copper-based materials.
Silvaloy® 450 (Braze 450)
General purpose filler metal for joining ferrous, non-ferrous and dissimilar metals with large joint clearances. Cadmium-free.
Silvaloy® 452 (Braze 452)
Low temperature, general-purpose alloy with better flow properties than Silvaloy® 450.
Silvaloy® 505 (Braze 505)
Best general purpose filler metal available. Recommended for stainless steel (as it retards/eliminates interface corrosion). Nickel content provides superior adhesion ("wetting") to base metal surfaces.
Silvaloy® 560 (Braze 560)
Lowest temperature, Cadmium-free filler metal.

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