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Sil-Fos® (Silvaloy®)

This group of alloys facilitates the joining of copper to copper without a flux and copper-based alloys (brass and bronze) with a flux. The family of products includes the original Sil-Fos® 15. Developed and patented by Handy & Harman over 75 years ago, Sil-Fos® is the workhorse filler metal used in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Fos Flo® (Silvaloy® 0)
An economical, very fluid medium temperature filler metal for use with copper, brass and bronze. Withstands moderate vibration. Fast Flow.
Sil-Fos® 15 (Silvaloy® 15)
Best alloy for general purpose copper-copper brazing in the Sil-Fos® family. For copper-to-copper joints the phosphorus in the Sil-Fos® product serves as the fluxing agent and no seperate flux is necessary. For brass application however, flux is recommended. For use where close fit-ups cannot be maintained Sil-Fos® 15 works well to "bridge" gaps. Highest joint ductility of the entire Sil-Fos® family to best withstand the stresses inherent in refrigeration applications. Slow Flow.

Sil-Fos® Brazing Rings
Lucas-Milhaupt Sil-Fos® Rings for brazing copper tubular components. Braze™ rings are easy to use, minimize waste, and provide visual verification of a complete, sound braze joint.
Sil-Fos® 2 (Silvaloy® 2)
A filler metal with comparable characteristics to Fos-Flo 7. Medium Flow.
Sil-Fos® 5 (Silvaloy® 5)
Designed primarily for those applications where close fit-ups cannot be maintained. It has the ability to fill gaps and form fillets without adversely affecting joint strength. Slow Flow.
Sil-Fos® 6 (Silvaloy® 6F)
A very fluid filler metal for close fit-up work. Low melting range makes it ideal where temperature is a factor. Fast Flow.
Sil-Fos® 6i
A fluid filler metal that offers "intermediate" flow characteristics. An acceptable alternative to Sil-Fos® 15 where vibration and thermal cycling stresses are not severe.
Handy Flo® 6 (Silvaloy® 6)
Recommended for use where a close fit-up cannot be maintained. Has the ability to fill gaps and form fillets without affecting joint strength. Slow Flow.

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