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Sil-Fos® (Silvaloy®) / Fos Flo® (Silvaloy® 0)

An economical, very fluid medium temperature filler metal for use with copper, brass and bronze. Withstands moderate vibration. Fast Flow.

Fos Flo®  (Silvaloy® 0) (25 lb.)
Fos Flo® (Silvaloy® 0) (25 lb.)

Part Number: 95011. .125"X.050"X20"X 25#. AWS Spec.: BCuP-2. 25 lbs.

Fos Flo® (Silvaloy® 0) (28 Rods)
Fos Flo® (Silvaloy® 0) (28 Rods)

Part Number: 95000. .125"X.050"X20" X 28 Rods. AWS Spec.: BCuP-2. 28 Rods.


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