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Sil-Fos®, developed and patented
by Handy & Harman in 1931, is the
original copper/phosphorous brazing
alloy used by thousands of
manufacturers and contractors in
the HVAC&R industries.

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In addition to being a supplier of brazing and soldering products, we are also a complete source for technical information and assistance.

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Social Responsibility

On January 1, 2012, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 went into effect, requiring many companies manufacturing or selling products in California to disclose what efforts they make (if any) to address human trafficking and slavery.

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. ("Lucas-Milhaupt”) strives to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of corporate integrity and ethical behavior, and we expect that our suppliers will conduct their businesses in compliance with the same high standards.  Our suppliers should not support, promote or engage in the practice of slavery or human trafficking, and should comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the countries in which they are doing business.

At this time, Lucas-Milhaupt does not engage in verification of product supply chains to evaluate or address the risks of human trafficking and slavery, audit suppliers to evaluate compliance with our standards for human trafficking and slavery in supply chains, or require suppliers to certify that the materials incorporated into their products comply with laws regarding human trafficking and slavery. If a supplier is found not to meet our standards of conduct, however, we will take prompt, remedial measures to address the violation, and we reserve the right to terminate our relationship with any such supplier.

Our Code of Conduct, which applies to all Lucas-Milhaupt personnel, requires our employees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to human trafficking and slavery. While we do not provide specific training on human trafficking and slavery, the Code of Conduct explains that each associate must be alert and sensitive to situations that could result in illegal, unethical or otherwise improper actions, and must fully cooperate with any investigations. Associates have an obligation to report potential or actual violations of the Code of Conduct immediately, and have multiple options for doing so.

Lucas-Milhaupt takes the issues of slavery and human trafficking very seriously and will continue doing its part by responsibly monitoring and managing its supply chains.

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