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Brazing is essentially a high-temperature form of soldering that, when properly done, provides extremely strong, leak-tight, corrosion resistant joints. Most of the common (and easy to use) brazing alloys contain silver and the amount of silver in the alloy can affect how that material melts and flows. When brazing (and soldering), the metals being joined are not melted, but a filler metal is used to metallurgically bond the materials being joined. A separate flux is sometimes necessary to help maintain a clean, oxide-free joint surface.

We offer a wide variety of brazing and soldering alloys for joining most applications encountered in the field. The purpose of this techhnical information is to assist you in determining the proper alloy and flux to use, given the base metals you're looking to join. Our Sil-Fos® (Silvaloy®) family is recommended for joining copper-based materials, and our Silvaloy® (Braze) and Easy-Flo® Alloys will join both non-ferrous (copper) and ferrous (steels) metals. Our Clean 'n Brite solders are general-purpose lead-free solders while our Solderite® alloys contain lead. We recommend Flux Cored Al 802 for soldering aluminum.

Base Metals to be Joined Filler Metal to be Used Proper Flux Selection Comments
Copper or Brass
Copper or Brass

Clean 'n Brite 6
Clean 'n Brite
Clean 'n Brite No Lead
Solderite® 50/50

FOS-FLO® 7 (0%Ag)

Clean 'n Brite Flux
TEC® Flux

These alloys are self-fluxing on copper, but Handy Flux® is needed for brass.

Clean 'n Brite 6 is alloy of choice.It is lead free,contains 6%silver and can be made to exhibit either fluid or sluggish characteristics.

SIL-FOS ® 15 is the #1 choice by contractors,due to its greater ductility and ability absorb vibration stresses, etc. Due to potential for brittle iron-phosphide formation, these alloys are not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous alloys.

Copper or Brass
TO Steel

Clean 'n Brite 6
Clean 'n Brite

Braze 560
Braze 401
Braze 505

TEC® Flux
TEC® Flux

Handy Flux®
Handy Flux®
Handy Flux®

Clean 'n Brite 6 used with the more aggressive TEC® liquid Flux is the recommended choice.

Braze 505 is fast becoming the alloy of choice because it offers higher strength, better corrosion resistance and better "wetting" to steel and stainless steel especially.

Braze 560 Flux Coated or Flux Cored
Braze 401 Flux Coated or Flux Cored
Braze 505 Flux Coated or Flux Cored
Copper, Brass or Steel
Stainless Steel

Clean 'n Brite 6
Clean 'n Brite

Braze 505

TEC® Flux
TEC® Flux

Handy Flux®

Clean 'n Brite 6 used with the more aggressive TEC® liquid Flux is the recommended choice.

We always advise using a nickel-bearing alloy to eliminate corrosion. Braze 505 is an excellent choice.

Braze 505 Flux Coated or Flux Cored
Aluminum or Copper
Al 802 Flux Cored Aluminum High strength,low temperature solder for joining aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper. Easy to use, contains a non-corrosive flux.

Additional techhnical Information on Particular Products

Alloy Composition Percentage Solidus
Ag Cu Zn Sn P Other
Silver Copper Zinc Tin Phos-
Sil-Fos® 15 (Silvaloy® 15)
Highly recommended for joining copper applications where ductility is important and close fit-ups cannot be maintained. Slow alloy flow.
BCuP-5 15 80     5   1190 1475
Sil-Fos® 6i
A fluid filler metal that offers intermediate flow characteristics. An acceptable alternative to Sil-Fos® 15 where vibration and thermal cycling stresses are not severe.
  6 87.5     6.5   1190 1425
Sil-Fos® 6M
Also recommended for use where close fit-ups cannot be maintained. Has the ability to fill gaps and form fillets without affecting joint strength. Slow Flow.
  6 88     6   1190 1460
Sil-Fos® 5 (Silvaloy® 5)
A more economical alloy which has the ability to fill gaps and form fillets without adversely affecting joint strength. Slow Flow.
BCuP-3 5 89     6   1190 1495
Sil-Fos® 2 (Silvaloy® 2)
A lower cost filler metal with characteristics similar to Fos Flo® 7 - though not so fluid. Medium Flow.
BCuP-6 2 91     7   1190 1475
Fos Flo® 7
An economical, 0% silver filler metal that is very fluid. Withstands moderate vibration but without the ductility of Sil-Fos® 15. Fast Flow.
BCuP-2   92.8     7.2   1310 1460
Silvaloy® 380 (Braze 380)
A free flowing cadmium-free filler metal that joins both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
BAg-34 38 32 28 2     1200 1330
Silvaloy® 401 (Braze 401)
A low temperature alloy that exhibits fairly fluid melt and flow characteristics. Joins ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  40 30 30       1245 1340
Silvaloy® 450 (Braze 450)
Low temperature filler metal for joining ferrous, non-ferrous and dissimilar metals with large joint clearances.
BAg-5 45 30 25       1225 1370
Silvaloy® 505 (Braze 505)
Highly recommended alloy - joins most common metals including stainless steel and carbides.
BAg-24 50 20 28     2 Ni 1220 1305
Silvaloy® 560 (Braze 560)
Lowest temperature cadmium-free filler metal. Excellent general purpose alloy for close joint fit-ups.
BAg-7 56 22 17 5     1145 1205
Easy-Flo® 45
A very ductile, Cd-bearing alloy with very low melting temperature. High strength alloy with good flow properties. Caution - contains cadmium.
BAg-1 45 15 16     24 Cd 1125 1145
Clean 'n Brite
Lead-free, silver-bearing high strength solder used for applications requiring large joint clearances.
  3.5     96.5     431 431
Clean 'n Brite 6
General purpose lead-free silver-bearing solder. Best choice for applications with large and small gaps.
  6     94     431 535
Clean 'n Brite 95/5
General purpose Tin /Antimony solder. Not for use on brass alloys.
        95   5 Sb 450 460
Clean 'n Brite No Lead
Silver-bearing solder with good strength used in potable water system applications requiring no lead.
  0.5 4   95.5     428 446
Solderite® 50/50
Standard general purpose tin/lead solder for moderate joint clearances. Available as solid, acid or rosin core.
        50   50 Pb 361 414
Aluminum Solder
Low temperature flux cored solder for joining aluminum to aluminum or copper. Non-corrosive.
      98     2 Al 710 725
Handy® Flux
All-purpose, low temperature flux for brazing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Temperature protection up to 1600° F.
Handy® Flux Type TEC® Widely used soldering flux provides excellent performance for applications in the 400° - 800° F range. Recommended for soldering stainless.

Clean 'n Brite Flux General purpose solder flux provides temperature protection up to 550° F.


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