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Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc.
5656 S. Pennsylvania Avenue
Cudahy, Wisconsin (WI), 53110 USA

Lucas-Milhaupt Warwick, LLC
235 Kilvert Street
Warwick, Rhode Island (RI)
02886 USA

Lucas-Milhaupt Toronto
Handy & Harman of Canada, Ltd.
290 Carlingview Drive
Rexdale, Ontario (ON), M9W 5G1, Canada

Toll Free: 800-521-5490
Phone: 414-769-6000
Fax: 414-769-8668

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc., a Handy & Harman Company is one of North America's oldest and largest suppliers of brazing and soldering filler metals. For thousands of companies around the world, we supply the brazing and soldering consumables that produce billions of successful joints every year. We offer a complete selection of metal-joining products, comprehensive fabrication services and knowledgeable technical support.

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Handy & Harman History
We began our business life in 1867 as a trader of precious metals, but soon became precious metal fabricators, processors and refiners. As early as 1905, we began supplying our customers with small quantities of customized "silver solders" used to join or repair silver articles. These solders gradually found application beyond the arts industry and were increasingly used by general industry for joining all types of metals with strong, leak-tight bonds. These materials were eventually patented and became known as Easy-Flo®, Sil-Fos® and Product imageHandy® Flux and have been synonymous with brazing excellence for 75 years.

The Lucas-Milhaupt Connection
Lucas-Milhaupt was founded in 1942 as a tool manufacturer, but soon turned to the production of silver alloy brazing preforms for the joining of metals. In 1967 Handy & Harman acquired Lucas-Milhaupt who, at that time, was their largest customer. Lucas-Milhaupt has become the material finisher as well as the sales and marketing arm for the Handy & Harman family of brazing products. Combined they offer a full product line and comprehensive fabrication capabilities, enabling them to provide a broad spectrum of materials in a wide variety of forms including wire, rod, strip, paste, powder, preformed rings and shapes.

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